I love fall

I came across these precious purple flowers. It’s almost as if they’re the last piece of summer holding on for as long as they can to remind us that even though winter is coming summer will come again.

One of the many reasons I love fall is that it is a feast for the senses. Leaves and color changing for the eyes.

For taste, it’s time for one of my favorite treats… Caramel Apples. Yumm-O. I like to make them myself…whenever I buy them at the store the apples always seem to be mushy and I like my apples crisp, plus you can sneak a couple of caramels during the unwrapping process. I made a few for a special treat the other night and this was the only one left today so I had to rescue it from it’s loneliness.

Finally a little something for the sense of smell, nothing says fall like Pumpkin and I’m a sucker for a good pumpkin spice candle. Funny because I’m really not of pumpkin pie but I love the way this candle smells, it just makes me feel warm and cozy.

Tomorrow is a big day…the Colorado 2 Peas circle crop is finally here. I have been looking forward to meeting other Co scrappers and it’s been a month in planning. I have everything packed up and ready to spend an evening scrapping tom. The challenge is to complete 12 2 page mini layouts in about 9 hours, basically a half hour per layout. Since I’m a super slow scrapper, I’m a little worried about the time crunch, but excited at the thought of coming home with a completed album. Of course that’s what they said about CKU and I just finished my last project this week…but this time other’s are doing the work for my book. We had a fun set of questions/quizzes to start the thought process. I’ll post the finished project on Monday.

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