Here it is my journal to prepare for the CK Hall of Fame contest. There are some parts that I just love and others not so much. I’m not really happy with the letters, I didn’t have the ‘h’ from the basic grey chipboard set so I matted the letters on thinner chipboard and then hand cut, I wish they were just a bit thicker. I do love the 2007 with Heide chipboard. I altered the BG Lily Kate paper just a bit. The circles used to just be on the side but I cut them out and moved them to the main design. I wish the goose stood out a little bit more. My favorite part of the book it the tabs which I made out of the insides of the ‘O’ and other circular letters. I thought this was pretty creative of me, too bad it wouldn’t be considered a really innovative technique. I’m getting better at making the most of my scrapping supplies, or at least trying to. I’m totally addicted to altering notebooks.

Big news! Yesterday I started a 3 week temping job, so nice to know that I will still have money coming in the door although significantly less than I’m used to. It was my first time working in almost 3 months and I felt a little slow getting into the grove of things, but the work is fairly mindless, there’s no fires for me to put out and I can leave at the end of the day with out bringing work worry home or thinking that my cell is going to ring at any moment which are all nice changes. (whoa…run-on sentence).

I spent sometime today scrapping and making a couple of cards. Just a few snapshots of a recent trip to CA.

oops didn’t realize what time it was. I have to go have dinner with my biological dad and our relationship is rocky at best. I’ll post the cards tomorrow.

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