A little bit of a rant…

Everytime I think of a rant I think of Dennis Miller and his SNL and HBO rants. Mine are nothing like his, I wish I could be that creative but I do have a couple of things to rant about.

1.Unorganized youth football programs. My brother – in law has coached youth football for the same group for the past 4 years, the first two were great. The last two have been horrible. I have had the opportunity to watch the bulk of the games this year and know Troy is doing the best job he can — but the league organizers must be horrible. There is no equalization of size/weight and experience among the teams. The top three teams in the league have had 10/11 players on the same team for 3+ years. Only 2 of Troy’s kids have played period let alone together. The top three teams appear to have a huge height and weight advantage. I’m not usually one to cry unfair, but he has had an 11 y/o tear an ACL and can’t play any sport for 2 years. While this is a common injury in high school and above, in my history of working with youth I have never heard of an 11 y/o tearing an ACL in an organized sport. 11 y/o muscles are extremely pliable, think jello as youth grow. If it was a broken bone I would understand. If this injury was alone I wouldn’t be upset but his other key player has a torn quad muscle again a very difficult injury for an 11 y/o. These issues have made for a miserable year of football and Troy spends months planning. The worst part is the league doesn’t seem to care, Troy tried to be a good sport and be part of the rules committee preseason, but the organizers did nothing to equalize the teams. The final straw Troy wrote to the head of the league today and got zero response. Very unprofessional, as an expert in youth development organizations I find this despicable behavior. Caring adults deserve better and most importantly the kids deserve better.

Rant #2…’Special People’ Why of why do some people think that they do not need to merge when construction reduces the lanes in the road. I’m not one for road range, but I wonder what goes on in the heads of these people, can you not read? do you think the rest of us are stupid? and why oh why should I let you in — newsflash I am going to do everything in my power to not let you in and I hope that every car behind me does the same. If I ran a monarchy, I would fine these idiots at least $500 and make them sit on the side of the road for an hour — like a driver’s time out.

ooh my Broncos are suffering tonight—a very yucky night rain/snow and cold.

thrifty scrapper update, I found a piece of green patterned paper in my stash that works with the other items and I’ve made 4/20 cards I was shooting for.

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