Horoscopes and other stuff

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22): You appear as busy as a bee in a field of wildflowers, but your looks are deceiving. You might be spinning too many wheels while not getting very far at all. You may feel so lazy that you stay at home and think about all the things you didn’t do. Avoid taking the easy way out; don’t quit before you even start. Let the day define your pace and keep up with the changes the best you can.

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22): Your personal weather report includes low brooding clouds and patches of emotional fog that create areas of limited clarity. You may not be sure about where you are going, but using your imagination can help you fill in the details. Be careful, though, for impulsive actions could have negative consequences. Try to stay between the lines.

Boy am I glad I’m not the type of person to buy into horoscopes and I rarely read them, but the first sentence from yesterday’s had me stopping in my tracks. I wish it were true. I am not even looking like ‘a busy bee’, my job depends on others needing help and there’s only so many things I can help with in my first couple of days so there has been some downtime which drives me nutty! I’m formatted spreadsheets up the wazoo, check email every 3 or less minutes and nothing. I suppose I could use the downtime to work on my job hunt, but I feel guilty doing that while working here. I’ve alwasys been very sensitive to using work machines for personal business. This morning I’ve gotten over my guilt by rationalizing that if I don’t work on this blog I will fall asleep which is an even worse work sin than personal use.

Of course after such a funny and slightly depressing horoscope yesterday, I had to read today’s to make sure it got better — but alas it got worse! UGH! But I did have to laugh at the ‘personal weather report’ I think this would make a great scrapbook page. My whole life has been low brooding clouds and patches of emotional fog that create areas of limited clarity. I’d like to think I am getting better as I get older but the past month has felt like a landslide of emotion.

Good news… If you are living under a rock and not watching my Bronocos on MNF — they WON! when I was writing my blog at half last night I was a little worried, but they pulled it out in the end. Once again the DEFENSE!!!! saved the day, these guys are incredible. My guy Al Wilson is clearly feeling better and was all over the field and in Steve McNair’s face the whole time. Next week the Raiders on Sunday Night…Raiders haven’t won a game yet and I hope we romp up the score 60-0. A girl can dream…

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