Oprah for President ?!?

I must have been living under a rock… I just saw a little link on the Yahoo home page a quick gage of Oprah for president, which got me thinking hmm Oprah? Maybe… My curiosity got the best of me and I clicked the yahoo link and discovered a whole world around this idea.

The main website OPRAH08 (http://www.dreamagic.com/oprah/index.html) is a kick in the pants, complete with theme song, t-shirts and a letter writing campaign. Apparently (here’s where the living under a rock part comes in) Oprah’s lawyers sued the web developers and song writer. Oprah has since apologized and insists that she would never run for pres. and can you blame her, it’s one crappy job. But what if there was someone Oprah-esque. Someone who had their own money and was not subject to the political corruptness that is rampant in Washington. I know Ross Peirot et al already tried that, but Oprah has more contact with real people with real problems in a year than most politicians and billionaires will have in their entire lives. While I’ve never been a fan of the celebrity politician, I would probably vote for Oprah — if Ronald Reagan could accomplish some good things (at least that’s what my Republican friends attest although I can’t really think of any and neither can they when pressed) imagine what Oprah could do. Oprah has demonstrated an ability to get stuff done and get others to help her — she’s built entire neighborhoods in New Orleans, raised money for African aids, opened youth centers, and is more effective at catching sexual predators than the FBI.

And fifty years from now there would be an Oprah dollar coin with her face and her motto “Live your best life” next to in God we trust. Ok I admit I’m getting carried away by the whole thought and I’m not even that big of an Oprah fan. Oprah was not alone in speculation of celebrity presidents — Jon Stewart and George Clooney were also thrown into the mix. While I love Jon and George I can’t imagine voting for either of them. But any of the three would definitely be a better fit with my ideas and values than anyone in the current administration.

Switching gears just a bit…This picture was the link to the story. It is a horrible picture of O (they wouldn’t being using this one on the Oprah coin) I was struck by her resemblance to Michael Jackson. Am I crazy? Is it just me? Does anyone else see this? It is not a good look, O. I know I’m not one to talk sitting in my holey sweatshirt and sweatpants and hair pulled in a ponytail but at least I’m confidant I look nothing like Michael. And that friends…is a good thing.

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