Let it Snow…

Not sure how it got to Sunday already, last week is a blur of snow and commuting.
We had our first significant snowfall blow in on Tuesday afternoon. The dogs were in heaven! They jumped and ran and made doggy snow angels. Here are pictures of Kinley and Tanner post snow fun.

But Abby was having none of it because there more interesting things to stare at….

Elk, the whole herd over 75 returned to our yard on the same day as the snow. I took these pictures from where Abby is standing just on our side of the fence.

I was fascinated by the whole group. The bucks seemed to stand at attention and keep watch over everybody. The young ran around and chased each other across the field and the rest were just laying in the snowy ground munching on what’s left of the grass. as bummed as I was about the snow (I could have waited until Christmas for it to come) I was reminded the next day of why I love Colorado — it was sunny and 50 degrees and most of the snow melted quickly. It snowed again in the middle of the night on Friday and was already melting away by 9 the next morning.

I’m still working in my temp job, its still a painfully boring job — but I’ve earned enough now to pay my November bills. Hallalujah! The job has also been extended a few days and maybe more and I am happy to stay there until I can find something more my speed. The highlight of my week was visiting one of our sights and hanging out with the kids it was only for a little bit. Even though it’s been recommended that I stay away from youth service for sanity’s sake, I cna’t imagine my life without it.

This week has been a tough one emotionally — I’ve felt very homesick. I miss my own space more than I could have ever imagined. I miss my friends terribly. I can’t even call anyone because I’m afraid I’ll just totally lose it and start crying uncontrollably, which is happening enough already. I know this move was suppossed to break me out of a rut, but I this week I felt deeper into the rut than I have felt in a long time. I’m starting to lose the little faith I had in myself before coming here. I’m at a loss on what to do next. I feel really stuck without a job and money. I know it will get better, I don’t think it can get much worse (although everytime I think that it does).

Here’s to a better week and hopefully more time to blog.

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