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Here it is my journal to prepare for the CK Hall of Fame contest. There are some parts that I just love and others not so much. I’m not really happy with the letters, I didn’t have the ‘h’ from the basic grey chipboard set so I matted the letters on thinner chipboard and then hand cut, I wish they were just a bit thicker. I do love the 2007 with Heide chipboard. I altered the BG Lily Kate paper just a bit. The circles used to just be on the side but I cut them out and moved them to the main design. I wish the goose stood out a little bit more. My favorite part of the book it the tabs which I made out of the insides of the ‘O’ and other circular letters. I thought this was pretty creative of me, too bad it wouldn’t be considered a really innovative technique. I’m getting better at making the most of my scrapping supplies, or at least trying to. I’m totally addicted to altering notebooks.

Big news! Yesterday I started a 3 week temping job, so nice to know that I will still have money coming in the door although significantly less than I’m used to. It was my first time working in almost 3 months and I felt a little slow getting into the grove of things, but the work is fairly mindless, there’s no fires for me to put out and I can leave at the end of the day with out bringing work worry home or thinking that my cell is going to ring at any moment which are all nice changes. (whoa…run-on sentence).

I spent sometime today scrapping and making a couple of cards. Just a few snapshots of a recent trip to CA.

oops didn’t realize what time it was. I have to go have dinner with my biological dad and our relationship is rocky at best. I’ll post the cards tomorrow.

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Today Is A New Day…

If you were totally depressed by yesterday’s post, don’t worry today is a much happier post.

1. I have leads on a couple of temp jobs so back to work I go, I’m so relieved to have some money coming in. My list of things to buy when I get a job keeps growing.

Today’s addition to the list tickets to the Who concert in Novemeber. Yes I am a classic rock chick. But to be honest, as great as the Who is, I am even more excited about the opening act…The Pretenders. I sooooo wanted to be Chrissy Hynde when I was young, she is just the coolest ever.

2. “A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind”. After you get past the burst of anger and grief in Chapter 3 of the The Artist Way there was a very encouraging passage about serendipity. So I need to get prepared…

I have been seriously thinking about the CK Hall of Fame contest. The assignments are very tough this year. The thought of serendipity applies directly to the first assignment. Develop an innovative technique. Tough because it seems like everything has been done, I had a great idea and then read this month’s magazine and sure enough my idea was in there so now I need to come up with something else. Plus I don’t consider my self a particularly innovative person so I was discouraged by this assignment. But….I’m not going to use it as an excuse to quit (at least not yet,) the deadline isn’t until Feb. so there’s still plenty of time to come up with something.

Ao to prepare I started a special notebook yesterday, hopefully I’ll finish it today and post tom.

The positive thought for today “Action has magic, grace and power in it”

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“This week you may find yourself dealing with unaccustomeed bursts of energy and sharp peaks of anger, joy and grief.” The Artists Way

This is one the first page of Chap. 3 and describes my life right now better that any words I could come up with.

Burst of Energy came Saturday as I went to the 2 peas crop I had been planning on for a month. I was so proud of the kit I put together and excited to see what others would do with it. Once I got there it felt like ‘coming home’ for the first time since I left AK. The gals were so welcoming. Even though there was intense pressure of the time limit, I felt an energy and joy for scrapping that I haven’t felt in a long time.

2.5 hours into the crop the bomb dropped and energy shifted to grief.

Abby had attacked Lindy again. I needed to come home immediately.

Since then i have been struggling with overwhelming grief and emotion. Yesterday I was physically ill and could barely function.

I know those around me think I should give Abby up, that the two dogs are just too much for me right now. They say they understand that the dogs are all I have right now, but they truly are my source of strength and security and a reminder of happier times. Every time I think of giving Abby up I start to cry. The other option is to keep her muzzled and crated at all times, which I have been doing for the past three days. But she looks miserable— it has ripped the spirit of a once happy go lucky dog.

Then there is sweet precious Lindy who has several stitches and a drain in her back and I cry looking at her. Troy says he will take her to another family member’s house when she heals until I am out on my own again — but that seems like a horrible option too. It’s their house my rational mind says that as the guest it should be my dog that goes. I wish there was another way but the Vet said that this happens sometimes between two females and that they’re so territorial that Abby will try to kill Lindy any chance she gets.

The situation is made all the more bleaker(great english huh) by my pathetic job search. I would probably feel better about my decision to keep Abby if I felt better about getting a job in the near future, but after three weeks of applying for jobs, I have yet to get an interview. I really didn’t expect it would be this hard.

To compound matters, my mom has gone back into super worry mode. She and my sister don’t understand that I don’t want or like to talk about my feelings the way that they do…and because I’m not talking something must be drastically wrong. This is the part that makes me angry. I wish they could just accept me as I am.

But today is a new day…

Think. Create. Rejoice.
is my new motto — at least for today. I really wish I could steal Oprah’s Live your best life if only I could figure out what my best life is…I do know this is not it. It involves…

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