Oh My

So when I strated this blog I swore to myself that I wouldn’t be one ‘of those’ bloggers who don’t update for months on end. But here it is May and my last post was December — I am one of those. Good thing nobody’s reading, eh? Even if they were, they’ve surely given up by now. A frsh start, maybe? Ha Ha…well in a commitment to really writting I bought a blog idea book…ok so I bought it months ago too, but I saw it in a cleaning fest this weekend and was inspired by it and other blogs (or non updated blogs) to write something.

{How can I be inspired by non-updated blogs, well it’s simple I figure I can’t complain about others who don’t update when I forgot my own password. Since I love to reserve the right to whine about meaningless things I thought I’d better get myself squared away.}

So back to the book — such a catchy little ‘No one cares what you had for lunch’. However, I beg to differ. I’m pretty sure my mom still cares about what I eat and she would be disappointed to know that saltines were my tasty lunch a small brownie too. No worries mom, I’ve got a big juicy steak to make for dinner. Yumm-o!

So yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day and I celebrated by finally working on the furniture elements of my scraproom and by spending a couple of hours at a wonderful new scrapbook store Scrapbook Destination.

And in a non scrapping moment — to the zoo with the gals from work. Despite our best plans to get there early and see the animals awake — we got there around noon and it was naptime at the zoo. Seeing the animals at the zoo got me thinking what their life must be and maybe being able to relate to the trapped feeling more than ever before. I definitely felt trapped in my own misery up until about a month ago — not that much better now, but at least I’ve made steps to get out and over it {poor zoo animals, not much they can do}.

Ok that’s a good start — have this feeling like I could write forever, but to hold myself to my promise to post more often I’m going to save the following for the next week.

1. Elephant toe nails (yep, everyone’s going to want to read that)
2. A new home away from home
3. Work, blah, blah, blah…
4. My new furniture creations
5. My new apartment
6. Living with a frisbee star

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