Elephant Toenails

Wahoo! I remembered my username and password — a step in the right direction.

Ok so the title has got to have you thinking — really what is there to say about elephant toe nails. I don’t really know. I was at the zoo with some coworkers on Saturday (aka the crazy chickens) and I actually read the little poster that described the duties involved in taking care of elephants and in addition to feeding and bathing, zoo keepers need to trim the elephants toenails. But did they say how this is done — no. What kind of the tools do they use? A belt sander? I can’t even cut Tanner’s nails and he’s just a 40 pound dog. So on the off chance an elephant officianado is reading this, I’d appreciate the fill in on how this is done.

On a related note, how much paint do you think it would take if you wanted to give the elephant a full pedicure. I can see a n elephant with pink toenails, maybe it was too much Babar as a kid.

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