So it now seems silly that I bought a book on blog ideas since I’ve had several random, silly and slightly thought provoking this week.

I love Target — who doesn’t? I have to pace myself sometimes now that I live so close. I tried to use a partial gift card at the neighborhood Target and it was declined fine because I didn’t know how much was one it. Anyway the oh so helpful cashier said that I could try again in eleven days.

‘Eleven days? That’s kind of random is that the span between trips the averge customer?’ To which he responded ‘No, that’s about three days after you take out the folks that visit 3 times a day’. At the time he said it I thought wow every 3 days, I don’t think I come here that often. But sure enough now that he pointed it out I have been there 3 times in a week so even more frequent than the average customer…ack! What do I buy? well even I have a hard time answering although I do know that 2 trips this week were for Tanner — one to buy new chuckit and balls and because i forgot the first time dog food. I have a hard time not looking up and down most ailes especially the clearance end caps and clothing clearance racks you never know what you might find there. What I do know is that it doesn’t change much in a 3 day period, so that begs the question…why do some people go 3x a day? I can understand if you’re working on a home project and maybe a couple trips are needed but to visit that frequently on a regular basis seems a little crazy — but that’s ok because it makes me feel better about my addiction. Always better when you can say ‘at least i’m not as bad as that person.’

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