Good News!

I just had a moment of panic — ok not really panic — it’s been four days since my last post and at the sign in window I had a train wreck in my brain and couldn’t think of the password, I thought oh no not again — but hooray for technology I had it set to ‘remember me’ so I don’t have to remember as long as I login on a regular basis — now that’s motivation to keep blogging.

Ok so good news — I am going to start working for a scrapbook store again on a part-time basis. Can you say ‘Employee Discount’? Thanks to my new IRL friend Mary Kay for bringing me back to the retail life. (I say IRL because I’ve actually known the virtual version of MK since last August or so) I don’t think I realized how important the Scrapyard was until it was gone! I hope this is just another step at getting back to the real me. Whoever that is…

Actually had a good work day yesterday. I won over an ogre, well not really an ogre but a guy that has a reputation for acting like one on a regular basis. At the end of a meeting that started with my presence being ignored and then a verbal tirade he said ‘You know Christyn, I like you, I had no idea why you were coming and now I’m glad you came, I really like you.” I wish my boss was there to hear it, oh well.

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