More random thoughts

Random thoughts are always rolling through my brain…Here’s my first… For some reason I clicked to view my one profile after posting a comment on another blog and found out I’m old! Really, really old…aleast according to blogger data. 256 years old to be exact. Can you imagine being 256 years old? The things you would have seen and heard. It makes me happy to be 35 (well almost)

Thought two: Hallalujah Ocean’s 13. Pure eye candy. I admit the first two were by no means a ‘great’ movie ala Casablanca or Braveheart, etc. But… How can you not love George, Brad, Matt and a little Bernie Mac thrown in for fun. When 12 came out I took the day off on premier day and went to the movie bright and early all by myself. Maybe I’ll do the same this time.

Random Thought 3: Note to the producers of Entertainment Tonight…Please, please, please NO MORE Anna Nicole stories. The woman is dead, drama over we don’t need to create any more.

Random Thought 4: Tanner is the cutest dog ever! The past couple of days have not been great —upset tummies in dogs mean no fun for Mommy. But even after getting up several times and cleaning out a nasty poopy kennel — I still love him.

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  1. Becky

    Seriously YUMMY guys!Love those flicks too!B-

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