The Perfect Day

The scrapbooking world is a buzz as the deadline draws near for the latest contest. A big one worth $10 grand and a contract with CK. I’m not planning on entering, but one of the elements of the contest which makes it unique is the essay. This year’s topic is ‘Describe your perfect day’; at first I thought kind of lame and had fun with a couple of scrappy buddies satirizing the whole thing. But the darn thought just won’t go away — what is my perfect day? It’s always the seemingly simple life questions that throw me for a loop. And while I haven’t quite pinpointed exactly what my perfect day would be I have come to one conclusion — The ideal day has definitely changed as I grow older.

In my late teens/early twenties the perfect day was hanging out with friends…

Late twenties…experiences and travel…

and at 35 I’d like nothing more than to lay on the beach and read the latest ‘cheesy’ romance novel, but I can’t help but think that the perfect day must be something more, something beyond the serence, a perfect day would be a yes to the essential questions

1. Did I make a difference in somelse’s life…
2. Did I make the world/community a better place for children…
3. Did I do something creative…
4. Did I accomplish a major task at work…
5. Was I a good canine mom…

Good luck to all who are entering this wonderful contest — I’m sure when the check is awarded it will be a perfect day!

PS…on a totally random note, did the intro song to Legally Blonde pop into anyone’s head when they read this post.

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