Additions to Sunday’s Post

Thank goodness today was much cooler, but yesterday was a hot one…

One more reason to hate the heat…it makes my feet swell and my shoes get sticky. Gross I know — I wish there was something to do about it. Of course flip flops are perfect, but not really work appropriate.

I’m on the fence about this one, but summer also brings a new set of reality TV. Hell’s Kitchen — love it! Especially since you don’t have to watch a stupid reveal show. America’s Got talent — watched it for the first time last night, not loving it. So You Think You Can Dance — Love, Love, Love It. I know there’s even more out there. I’m sure there’ll be more posts about these shows at some point. Don’t know why I let myself get so vested in these darn shows, they never turn out the way I want.

I think I fixed my comment issues — so the three of you that read this can comment if you want to.

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One response to “Additions to Sunday’s Post

  1. rach

    hee, hee!!! i can comment NOW – wahooooo! watch it missy, i’m going to be stalkin’ ya now! LOVE hell’s kitchen! i think i’m going to Tivo it!

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