Weekend is over…

and while it was way too short, it was a good one!

I got an earlier than usual start by waking up early and heading downtown to the BallPark Market with Rachel and Kelly. We started at Common Grounds to get our java fill and then off bargain hunting we go. Rachel and Kelly were the super shoppers at this event — I was a good girl at this point and bought only one little thing for $5.

One vendor had a great deal on some adirondak chairs. Check out Rachel in a cute green one.
But we passed them by.

Then Rach had a silly idea for an impromtu photo shoot by the buildings around LoDo…The girls did most of the shooting. Silly me I just sat back and laughed most of the time. After Lodo, we headed over to the Highlands neighborhood — where I would LOVE to live someday, but it’s the new urban chic neighborhood so it will be a loooooong time and a lottery win before I can move in.

Anyway the neighborhood was having a block party/art festival. We walked past lots of cool vendors with beautiful jewelry and other fun things
including these fabulous flip flips…this should give you a clue about the chic-ness of the area…these guys go for a bargain price of $45 dollars! Can you believe it? Even I the impulse buying queen was able to pass up on these. Probably because I’m reasonably certain I can recreate for under $15. So the hunt is on for cute wide ribbon and a sparkly charm. While there we popped into several neighborhood shops. The coolest by far was and interior decorating and gift shop called Unique. They have the most amazing wood floors that have been stenciled and stained by Carl the owner, too bad they’re not on the website. I splurged on a couple of silver and mother of pearl mini-bowls to hold little special things in my scrap room. I also fell in love with a beautiful lamp, it was $215 ack! The worst part was I actualled considered purchasing it…remember the bad with money post from a couple of weeks ago? This is a classic example — I’d love a $20 lamp for the living room can”t find one and think spending $60 bucks is crazy, but here I was considering spending over $200, crazy I know!

So at the end of a very tempting day, here are my treasures…
I spent less than $30 dollars…Yippee! And yes that is a peach in the picture, it is totally a treasure. 1. It was free 2. The vendor is a new farmer’s market store is opening in my neighboorhood.

After the art fair it was home for a few hours of R&R and then to the fabulous Scrapbook Destination for a special crop with the wonderful Co Peas group. More on the crop tomorrow.

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