Relief is the theme of the day…

I have a brand new appreciation for graduation and diploma certification after the past couple of months. Today was a special day for about a hundred kids in our program — high school graduation. I’ve been working with the teachers and other admin staff make sure the graduates were indeed ‘ready’ to graduate. The jury is still out for a few who need to finish their course work — but today was a happy day as they walked across the stage to accept their diploma (well the cover anyway) I’m glad to have the bulk of this tough project behind me. Finally!

Even greater relief Tanner passed his ‘boarding school’ interview today and will be able to stay at Camp BowWow while I’m at a conference in California next week. I was starting to really stress last weekend where my three possible in home sitters all realized they couldn’t watch the T man for various reasons. So I went back to my original plan of boarding him. The tough part was waiting all week for him to have this intro visit. I honestly don’t know what I would have done.

The best part of Camp BowWow (for me at least)? WEBCAMS! I can watch him play with other puppies all day long. It was so neat to watch him settle in and play. The best part for him, based on the webcam viewing this aft it’s probably a toss up between the other dogs and the number of folks that are in the play rooms to pet him — he’s such a sucker for a butt scratch. Even if I couldn’t watch him play I would know he had a great time because he is exhausted right now.

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  1. rach

    awwwwwwwww, tanner passed his exam – woo hoo! and yes, hope you received my msg/email for using me as a contact? we are headed to the mountains today but i will touch base w/you again! SO glad you can webcam tanner too – whew! hugs, rach

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