A quick greeting from California

Classes are going well although the one today was a bit over my head. I was happy to tread water for most of the day and discover a few good tips.

It’s very hard to sit in class when the SoCal sun and lovely pool are calling your name, my only saving grace is that the pool is full of kiddos. Just one thought about the number that pee in the pool will keep me far, far away.

After all of these years, i have a deluxe room at the disney motel — 10th floor w/balcony overlooking the afore mentioned pool. It’s a long way from the ‘not even a’ Motel 6 or trailer park we stayed at when I visited as a kid. Not that I’m complaing I wonder if the kids that are here can truly appreciate the luxury.

The best part about my room is the balcony doors slide open so far and it’s warm enough to leave open at night. It’s my own version of high-end camping. Open air on a king size bed w/cable and internet — although not wireless.

For some reason my card reader doesn’t work so I’m not able to share and pics—boohoo, but I will when I get home.

Have you been watching Tanner at his Camp? It’s slightly addicting — it cracks me up to watch. He’s such a people guy and a busy body. I haven’t seen him sit in one place for more than a minute and he’s always where the people are — if they move, he moves.

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