Random Trivia

In honor of my cool brother in law, I ran across some totally random trivia today and wanted to spread the knowledge.

Have you wondered where the term ‘dog day afternoon’ comes from? Worry no more…

Believe it or not dog days are not about or connected to the lovable cannines which many of us enjoy. Although looking at Tanner after a good play session on a hot afternoon I would certainly think so.

Let’s begin with a slightly different phrase, “the dog days of summer.” Dog days are actually referring to the star “Sirius”, also known as the dog star, found in the constellation of Canis Major, deriving its name from the Greek word ‘”seirios”, which means “scorching”.The star sirius is most visible in our hemisphere during the summer months as the brightest star in the heavens (not Polaris, the northern star).So, “dog day afternoon” actually means nothing more than a hot summer afternoon.

So there you go…you can thank me when you when a trivia contest. 🙂

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