***10 on Tuesday***

Ok I know it’s Wednesday, but I thought I’d sneak it in. Plus this week’s topic required some serious thought and I’m not quite done. It requires digging a little deeper and those who know me well know I block and compartmentlize just about everything that involves real emotion — the problem is to be really successful (and I’m one of the best) you have to block the good with the bad.

Top Ten Nicest Things Anyone has Done for You…
(in no particular order, gosh it was hard enough to think of these)

*When I was about 4 or 5 my mom bought me my first ‘big box’ of 60 crayons, I often wonder if that was where my love of color began. It’s also one of only two memories I have of myself before age 10 so it must be pretty special.

* My dad who bought me my first horse — a beautiful white arabian named Rosie. She helped me survive some tough early teen years.

* Random strangers who bought gas for me and my Freshman roomate after her jeep ran out of gas and neither of us had any money. Denverites will especially appreciate this moment to know that we ran out of gas on I-25 by the old Mile High Stadium. A questionable at best neighborhood

*Mr. Jorgenson, my AP history teacher who when handing back a research paper thanked me for taking the class and let me know I was the only one who received an ‘A’ .

*My sister and her hubby, Troy for letting me live with them for 6 months rent free while I got my life back together a little.

*Same aforementioned Troy for giving me the time to come to the decision myself to let go of Abby even after she attacked Lindy for a second time.

*My good friend Carol, who gave me my start in the Scrapbooking industry, always allowed me to express myself and provided endless positive feedback — taking me on a scrapping cruise to the Caribbean ranks high too!

*My mentor Margaret, who gave me a strong foundation and belief that while the old saying ‘change a child, change the world’ may be corny it is the truth.

*Emily, Mary Kay and Vivian who welcomed me with open arms at the first pea crop. It was the first time I thought I hadn’t made a major mistake in moving to Colorado.

Ok, I know that’s only nine, but the others all run together into a bundle of memories that make up life.

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