Tanner takes over…

‘I’m really worried about my mom, she keeps making these wierd sounds and her chest keeps moving up and down. She says it’s just hiccups, but it’s really strange…It’s been going on for a while, I keep looking at her and tried giving her a kiss and bringing her a toy, but no luck. — when I acted like this she took me to the vet, maybe i should get her in the car. ‘


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2 responses to “Tanner takes over…

  1. rach

    christyn!!! are you OKAY??!! is tanner okay??!! PLEASE tell me everything is okay! tanner, take care of mommy! loves, rach

  2. rach

    WHEW – OKAY, the hiccups! thanks for the clarification. my heart is calming down now. crazy things hiccups will make you do. hugs, rach

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