10 on Tuesday…

I’m totally addicted to this weekly thread on the Peas — such great topics to think about each week. This weeks list ‘Top 10 lessons you want to teach your kids’. As you all know I don’t have real kids and I thought about making a humorous list for the fur parents out there, but decided against it. Instead since I have devoted my professional career to those children whose parents would never dream of such a list, I used that knowledge to comprise a list of what I wish folks would teach their children.

1.It’s ok to be yourself and ok to try out a few different versions of yourself along the way.
2. Be respectful of others as they try to find their way
3. The value of a dollar
4. You are ultimately responsible for your choices
5. Take risks
6. Try new things daily
7. Be active
8. Respect the earth
9. Learn to laugh
10. Be a great team member


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4 responses to “10 on Tuesday…

  1. Tara Whalen

    Thank God for teachers like you!!!!Every child needs someone to guide the way.

  2. rach

    this is BRILLIANT c! exactly what i needed today. HUGE hugs, rach

  3. Becky

    This is a great list!It makes me feel so much better about how I make my parenting decisions!Not always easy, but I figure the lesson is always cheaper when you are young than when you are older.*smooches sweetie*B-

  4. Anonymous

    Just went back and read this list again. Very wise. Willow Lake reader.

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