A Loooooooong Week

but not a particularly exciting or eventful one. It was one of those weeks were I had big projects at both jobs. It’s hard to believe school starts in just two weeks. I thought by working in a more traditional k-12 environment things would be slower than at the BGC, wrong! With a charter school that it constantly evolving to make life/the school experience better for students there’s a lot to be done in the summer. Not sure if there will ever be a down time here, maybe between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Life on the other side of the brain was busy too. I worked or taught class at the store every night this week. You’ll remember (won’t you?) my first project awhile back. It debuted to a huge audience of 1 on Tuesday. The second project was a completely different story. Those of you have known me for awhile know I have a passion for altered composition books. It’s an addiction to stock up now while there cheap and cover them throughout the year. So this project was an opportunity to get others on the bandwagon. I designed a Back to School Organizer that has a calendar, pockets and lots of places for notes divided into months. A very ambitious project for a two hour class.

(grr…sometimes working with photos on the blog is so frustrating. I uploaded and deleted these 3 times to try and get them in the right place)

The class was a hit, we had seven folks who were wonderful students. I was reminded how much I love teaching adults and kids. Seeing the light come on and individual creativity blossom is such a great experience, it is by far the most rewarding thing for me in the industry.

Needless to say (what a stupid thing since I’m going to say it anyway, right) I didn’t have much time for personal scrapping this week which I hope to remedy today…and if all goes well have some new layouts to show tomorrow.

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