A quick Birthday Recap

It was the big 35 for me on Friday, it’s been a really nice couple of days.

Sort of not being off work and sitting on a beach, my birthday was a great day…I realized how many friends I’ve made since moving to Colorado…would you believe I had not one but…3 cakes and a set of cupcakes over the past four days, what could be better? My work friend Tina helped get the day of to a great start, surprising me with these gorgeous roses.

Throughout the day my friends from the Two Peas site had a message thread just for me full of great birthday wishes and beautiful cards they made for me. I was able to leave work a little early and headed up to Evergreen to have dinner with Shelley and Troy.

The birthday fun continued yesterday as I got together with my scrapping buddies at Mary Kay’s store and we had a great night. Hopefully I’ll get some of the layouts posted at some point this week.

Not sure how much I’ll be blogging over the next couple of weeks — we’re gearing up for the start of school on the 27th and I’m sure the week will be full of early mornings and late nights.

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