aah vacation!

I just took a short break from the craziness at work to head off to Vegas for the Memory Trends show in Vegas. But before I took off for Sin City, I spent a little time with my parents as they were in town for their quarterly ‘Spoil the Grand Children Visit’. Next to spoiling grandchildren, I think my dad’s favorite thing to do is shop. Now that Shelley and Troy are expecting they get to be part of the fun and dad has an excuse to do his favorite things at the same time. The day started with a trip to Babies R’ Us…it was Shell’s first look at the world of baby stuff. I love the look on her face in this pic as she takes it all in and Dad gives his stroller recommendations.

Of course no stroller purchase can be made with a test run. So off they go, having stroller races around the store as mom and I watched and tried to keep other shoppers safe. After the stroller choice was a traveling crib set and the ever important swing. Finally a trip wouldn’t be complete without picking out a few outfits…make that a few wardrobes when Dad’s at the helm. Sadly, I had to leave them after a quick lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Tanner needed shots before he could go to Camp BowWow while I was in Vegas and then the parents were off to the Pueblo kids.

I just downloaded my Vegas pics tonight a whopping 80 pics for 4 days…I’ll try and pick out my favorites and share them over the next few days. Man, Vegas has changed since the last time I was there about 10 years ago. I actually enjoyed the city much more than I was expecting too.


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2 responses to “aah vacation!

  1. rachel carlson

    welcome back cutie! can’t wait to see the photos from vegas – woo hoo, hurry up! your sis is a cutie, cheers to her. see ya soon. hugs, rach

  2. Kate

    WHAT FUN SHOPPING FOR A NEW BABY!How was Memory Trends? Been a few years since I went…Isn’t Vegas a hoot! fun people watching.

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