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Fashion Cents

So I ventured out in the snowstorm around 11 am yesterday…I should have held out for a couple more hours by 2 o’clock the sun was shinning and the wind had died down (still nippy though).

At any rate I was rewarded for my troubles when I got to Target — I spent more than my usual 5 min in and out just perusing the aisles. I was so excited to find a cute dress for $14 bucks(on clearance of course).

Next on to the tights section(thanks to Tanner who decided to ‘alter’ my brown tights to a toeless version) Tights are clearly en vogue this year there were at least 20 different varieties. As a tight lover I personally don’t think they should ever go out of style. I couldn’t help myself I picked up 5 new pairs.

And just in case you’re wondering — I didn’t forget the dog food. Thank goodness!

Don’t you just love getting ready for work when you have something fun and new. I am and I guess I wasn’t the only one who spied the dress on the clearance rack, one of our temp workers had the same dress on and paired it with the same color top. Imagine our surprise when we ran into each other in the am. Later in the day my friend Tina said she had also picked up the dress. Crazy, huh.


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Fall Snow

So it’s 8 am on Sunday and I’m excited that I got my fireplace going…I love the gas fireplace! It was one of the things that attracted my to this apartment. I love that I can flip two switches and have a cozy flame and a little bit of heat.

So why do I need a fire so early in the morning on a Sunday? Because outside it’s doing this…

Yep it’s the annual fall snow storm. They predict 3-4 inches over the day. I thought they were wrong early this morning — Tanner woke me up at 6:30 and it was only raining. But over the next few hours the rain turned to snow.

It’s amazing how fast you forget that snow can be a normal part of life…it is possible to drive and do things. But — right now I’m content to sit in front of my fire with my cozy fleece blanket and knit the day away. Unfortunately I’m almost out of dog food so that won’t be the case at some point I will have to venture out.

The good news is that tom. in true Colorado fashion will be sunny and a warm 50 degrees and that’s why I love Colorado.


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A Couple of Layouts

Work has been crazy the past month, but hopefully now that the funding count window is complete it will get back to normal.

I’ve been trying to do something creative everyday to maintain some sense of balance.
Here are a couple of my favorites from the past few weeks.I’ve had this picture for almost four years and have scrapped before, but it’s one of my favorites and I found this quote and thought it would be perfect for the pic.

These are some of the pics I took in Vegas last month — yes I did glue each of those circles individually. Crazy!


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Tanner is…

totally pissed and not talking to me.

Why? Today he spent the day at the vet’s getting his teeth cleaned. I dropped his off at 7:15 this am, poor guy had to go under anesthesia. True to his ‘charming’ self he had everyone in the office falling in love with him. So much so they let him out of the kennel when he was awake and let him have the run of the back office area.

But as for me, none of the charm — he’s sleeping in the other room and avoiding me. It’s so strange to have him be so mellow.

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