Blasted Blogger

Has my banner pic and title always been off center when you view with a PC? I hope not. I was just taking a peek at comments…wondering if a random stranger took the my Hillary bait. Just my sweet friends…can’t wait for the next crop to discuss further.

My exciting news for the day is my dryer is finally back to life. It’s so one of those things you take for granted. I think I especially do since I have a little shopping problem that results in seemingly endless amount of clothing and ‘unmentionables’. What I learned is that I have about 6 weeks worth of the latter. And realized my dryer was broken nearing the end of the pile. Panic…hand wash? go to a laundry mat? where is a laundry mat? Luckily I camped at my sister’s house and snuck in a load while the maintenance guys took their sweet time to fix it.

Moral of the story: Be nice to your dryer.


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3 responses to “Blasted Blogger

  1. Vivian

    Yes, whenever I’ve come here it’s been off center. If you hadn’t mentioned it I’d have thought it was intentional funky design on your part! šŸ˜›

  2. Mary Kay

    It’s PINK! When I was here a couple of hours ago (yes, I’m stalking your blog) it wasn’t pink.I like the pink.

  3. rachel carlson

    it has not always been off center, just today now that i see it – way off center! you could have called me to use my washer/dryer. rach/new baby? i think i’d choose the new baby over me any day – ha!

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