Rule of Thirds?

Those who have ever read a photography book or taken a class have come across this ‘golden rule’ of photography. This week’s assignment for my photography class was to look through our photos for examples of this rule — I honestly thought I was fairly decent with composition aspect of photography(the rest…aperture, shutter speed, etc I have some issues) until this assignment. I looked through lots of photos and decided to take these…

I loved these photos long before I knew they were following a composition rule. It’s nice to know why. I was a little intimidated…there are people in the class with some serious gear — thousands of dollars worth, and I’ve often thought what are you doing in this class…why would you spend so much money before you knew how to use things. I guess some people are just able to buy ‘the best’, lucky them. The refreshing reminder was that for the most part their photos weren’t any better than mine and even in the digital age of cameras and ‘anything is possible’ photoshop there is still a place for the creative photographer with a knack for getting just the right shot. I hope I can continue to develop my skills to become such a photographer.

On a humorous note…do you notice anything similar with the portrait pics? Perhaps that they’re all profiles with one eye showing…thanks to my fab and amazingly talented instructors (check them out) I have a new nickname ‘one eyed girl’; we all had a good laugh about my potential market and clientele.


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8 responses to “Rule of Thirds?

  1. Vivian

    I didn’t know you were taking a class! Good for you! LOL about the one-eyed thing! 🙂

  2. rachel carlson

    i’m SO happy you are taking this class and sad that i couldn’t do it with you. you are learning a lot, good for you! LOVE the photos pre-class, you are on your way to stardom! let me know when you’re ready to go shoot. hugs and happy weekend, rach

  3. Houston

    I love the photos, straight on, both eyes showing is over-rated!

  4. Tara Whalen

    One eyed girl sounds like a Lyle Lovett song. Beautiful pics!

  5. Lisa Dickinson

    oooh i love that path photo – just beautiful!

  6. Vivian

    Hey you! I just tagged you. Go to my blog…:)

  7. Mary Kay

    I posted. So there.Tags are kind of like chain letters, only less annoying (and more entertaining, when you read others’ answers). Far be it from me to break the chain.

  8. Heather

    I am *so* changing your nickname on my blog… LOL!!

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