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Weekend Wind Down

Hard to believe it’s back to work tom. am. I took a sneak peek at my inbox and I only have 59 emails waiting to be dealt with, not to bad for 3 days. As tempting as it was to start on them, I forced myself to turn off the computer and take a bath instead.

Poor Tanner is tuckered out from our jaunt to the dog park with Kinley and Lindy today. As soon as the sun popped out, we headed for the lake…just in case it decided to revert to the snow we woke up to. There were several of Tanner’s favorite — Great Danes — at the park today. He was in heaven, I don’t know where the obsession with them comes from, but I swear he would follow them home if I let him. Today was a bonus, he met one that was up for a quick game of chase, around and around they went and suddenly Tanner does a total face plant and slide. If he were a human child he would have a ‘road’ burn down his face and neck…lucky for him he has lots of fur.

I managed to squeeze out on more layout for my time off. This one is for the challenge at Journaler’s Junction. The challenge this week: do your journaling upside down. At first I thought no way would I be able to make it work, but something triggered in my brain this afternoon and thought it would be perfect for a page about my bungee jumping experience many moons ago…no real pics, so I downloaded one from the internet. I wish I was as graceful as the person in the pic.

Journaling: It started as a joke at the beginning of my jr year @ CU. Before long the joke turned to reality and booked jumps for several of us and we headed for and open field 30 min. NE of Boulder (it’s probably a subdivision now). I think four of us took the plunge with just the bungee cord between us and the ground 200 ft below. 15 years later I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a life defining moment, when just for a minute you can feel the full RUSH of LIFE.


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Are You in the Right Place?

Yes you are…I just spent some time making my blog more me(not that pink isn’t me, but I thought it was time for some ‘white’ space). I couldn’t sleep last night and so I started surfing random blogs. I was totally inspired by some and realized my design really sucked.

This isn’t perfect, but given my limited experience with web design code, this is about my limit. Big kudos and full credit for header design are to Heidi Grace…I just scanned the paper and added the title and some butterflies.(yep the only brush I have AND know how to use in PS) I’m sure this is stretching the definition of ‘personal use’ in copyright land. I gave her credit again at the bottom of the blog. Here’s crossing my fingers I don’t get sued.


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Navigationally Challenged?

I don’t usually put myself in that category, I can usually figure out how to get from point A to point B fairly easily. Thanks to a good sense of direction and life long quest to make sense of patterns. The other night a major intersection was blocked by a bad accident and as the other route home is under construction and road closed, I decided to cut through the neighborhood. After many loops and twists I was able to get where I was going, but it took longer than if I would of waited my turn at the intersection. Patient, I am not.

Since then I’ve thinking why are there no conventions for ‘street’ types. Except for circle or loop, who knows what ave, st, dr, blvd, place really mean. I know Washington DC was designed to be purposely confusing to enemies. But do the suburbs of Denver and really any other area of the country need to be? I’ve been ‘discussing’ this with Tanner and we’ve decided that if I were Queen (even for just one day) I would declare…

1. ‘Boulevards’ run at least 10 miles north to south and connect to major highways.
2. ‘Roads’ run at least 10 miles east to west and connect to major highways.
3. ‘Avenues’ run at least 5 miles north to south and always connect to ‘Roads’
4. ‘Streets’ run at least 5 miles east to west and always connect to ‘Boulevards’
5. ‘Drives’ run at least 1 mile north to south and connect to ‘Streets’
6. ‘Lanes’ run at least 1 mile east to west and connect to ‘Avenues’
7. ‘Places’ are culdesacks
8. ‘Loops’ and ‘Circles’ stay the same

Just my two cents for city planners…who would probably tell me there already is a convention, but each county is different…blah, blah, blah.

Oops I almost forgot…no name changing midway between points.

Happy Saturday!


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oh why must vacation days just fly by? Hard to believe it’s already mid day on Friday and sadly I haven’t accomplished much.

I had a great day with Sienna on Wednesday, the morning was a comedy of errors…she was overtired and then hungry and just before I sat down to feed her, Tanner hopped the fence. Of course I fed her first before going on a hunt for him, and by the time she was done with her bottle he was making his way home, but then…she wailed, just like her auntie, this girl takes her food seriously and was not happy about the milk being all gone, and Tanner heard the cry and took off running the other direction. So I packed her up in the stroller and together we went on a search for Tanner. In the end they were both happy campers; she fell asleep in the stroller, he came home with some kind of bone and I was exhausted.

Took some good pics of Sienna in the afternoon and have promised myself I will spend some quality time in photoshop trying to make them even better. I don’t know why I loathe photoshop so much, I’m usually happy with results, but it takes so much time making things just right and then when I print it doesn’t look as nice (I know monitor calibration, yada, yada, yada) I’m also working on an ancient version of Elements (2.0) and a laptop which make it more challenging. Maybe someday I’ll upgrade my Mac and get the big girl version of PS, for now I’ll make do.

Came home in the afternoon and sat down to tackle my scrapping challenges, and realized I needed more photos so a quick run to Target for prints(not liking my home prints right now) was in order. Did I mention I was planning on it being quick…yeah right…Spring break, hello, not only was every family with school age children at Target at 2 on a Thursday, but also happens to be the time when the Senior home must make it’s weekly run. So much for a quick dash in for prints and silly me a few other staples. I was quick, but the lines, oh the lines were like a weekend aft. grr.

I did manage to make it home and struggled to finish the layouts — struggle is the key word. Surprisingly the Wonder Years layout turned out to be the easier of the two, once I cropped a strangely placed butterfly out of the paper it was relatively smooth sailing. Good call A!

Piggy Toile…ack…I started out trying to scraplift a LO using similar paper in Memory Makers article a couple of months ago and just kept layering and stitching until it was half way decent, not one of my favorites, but a good sample for the store. Can I just say that zigzag stitching on rounded corners, not very easy. Anyone have recommendations for that?

Today is cleaning day, not thinking I’m going to make it to the DMV — just realized I need an emissions test and what I thought was a DMV right around the corner is just a driver’s license place — why are they seperate? So instead, I’m focusing on cleaning out the car and starting on the rest of the house. Wish me luck!


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10 on Tuesday

a little take off from last week’s topic, I know some of you are desperate to bitch about the last place you lived.

10 Things I don’t miss about Alaska

1. The cold
2. The dark
3. Driving on snow and ice for 7 months
4. Work(yeah, I know it was on the ‘miss list’ too…I don’t miss being on call 24/7)
5. No good concerts
6. Mosquitoes…lots and lots of mosquitoes
7. So far from siblings and their cute kiddos
8. Flying 4+ hours to really get ANYWHERE
9. 100+ gas bills ( I know many of you have higher ones in CO, but for a single girl it was tough)
10. Did I mention it was dark and cold for long periods of time?

In other good news…I’ve taken the next three days off and plan to spend it relaxing with Sienna, quality time at the DMV finally getting CO plates, and hopefully tackling the pig toile paper.
Plus I learned today that our Exec director is implementing a summer schedule for our office. Office closes every Friday @ 1, closed every Monday in July and the whole week of July 4th off without any loss to our PTO bank. Hooray for summer!


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of the design kind…

I can’t lie, one of the best benefits of working for a scrapbook store is getting to play with so many great products like this great ‘seaside’ textured paper from Prism…
Most of the time the new goodies are easy to play with and the ideas flow quickly.

Most of the time…

The there are a few things that boggle my creative mind, but it’s good to give that part of my brain a break. This week I’ve been challenged with a couple of products that are way out of my comfort zone.

Challenge 1…Daisy D’s Wonder Years Build a Page Kit…Bright colors, digi elements, so not me
Challenge 2…Bo Bunny’s spring pink toile, but not just any toile, look closely this is toile with pigs

yes, pigs. I don’t know what I’m going to with either, but I think the toile’s going to be a bit easier. Maybe?

Stay tuned to see finished projects…


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The Egg’s Point of View

I’ve read several posts about dying easter eggs and the fun and or chaos that ensues, can’t wait until Sienna is old enough…but have you ever thought about it from the egg’s point of view?
Clearly someone has, and it’s funny enough to break my one video a week rule.


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