Reality Recap (if you haven’t seen the finale of Project Runway — stop reading)

Since last night was a photography class, I didn’t get to see the finale in real time. Hooray for TIVO! This is my favorite of the several reality shows I watch. I was bummed that Christian won, I was really rooted for Rami. His was my favorite collection, rarely do I see things on the runway that I would wear (assuming I have major surgery and figure out a way to survive without ever eating or find a way to take over Victoria Beckham’s body). Plus how can you not root for a guy whose last name is Kashou (really like Cashew, the best nut ever).

I can’t say I’m too surprised…now in it’s fourth season, Rungay is a fairly predictable show, find the most outrageous and egotistical designer with some edgy or this season’s word fierce designs, who gets the most air time and you’ll figure out who the winner will be by week four. I now folks will say what about Chloe — she doesn’t fit that category. You’re right and I bet the ratings were lower and Bravo had less feedback after that season so they decided not to go that route again. Please PR prove me wrong.

The good news is that Bravo has a new dance show to take Rungays place — dance shows are my other fav. Looks like they’ve found the best possible female dancer — yep that’s right Elizabeth Berkley is a judge. Say what? I guess starring in one really bad stripper movie qualifies one as a judge. Maybe I missed the part where it’s really a pole dancer reality show.

And just when you thought there was no more room for an original reality show — along comes Oprah. I watched the season premier of The Big Give (on Sunday night for souls without TIVO) and loved, loved, loved it. Imagine if the Amazing Race folks held a charity event at each stop and you get The Big Give. Each week contestants are challenged to make a difference in a stranger’s life. Be prepared to cry.

Here’s another layout from the weekend, many of you have already seen in the land of the Peas

just a random stream of thoughts.

Now off to catch up on 3 days of Idol — Danny Noriega + Tainted Love = Puke!


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4 responses to “Reality Recap (if you haven’t seen the finale of Project Runway — stop reading)

  1. Heather

    Seriously, thanks for the LOL tonight. I ***LOVE*** reality dance shows, too. I am holding my breath until So You Think You Can Dance comes back on. 🙂

  2. Houston

    Uggh, I hate shows like that. Won’t spoil AI for you but I fully agree…PUKE… that’s another thing TIVO is good for! I’ll have to check out that Oprah show, thanks for the tip. Hope all is well, HoustonPS Great layout!

  3. Vivian

    Love the layout – clever, clever way to do your journaling! I have never seen a single episode of any of the shows you discussed in this post. How’s that for not participating in pop culture. I am old, huh?!

  4. rachel carlson

    GREAT layout – i haven’t done this challenge and i was thinking of one that had to do with my upcoming 40th- EEEK! um YEAH, i just posted on heather’s blog about runway……and if i hear FIERCE one more time, i’m going to puke – grrrrrrr!hugs and loves, rach

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