Where did the week go? Seems like it was just yesterday when I was preparing for the week ahead. I’m excited because I have a rare — no work at either job weekend. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m going to head up the hills to visit baby girl and her family and if the weather cooperates we’ll all head down to Pueblo to celebrate Connor’s 1st birthday. Of course that’s a big IF for a Sunday in March in Colorado, as proven by last Sunday’s blizzard.

Here’s another layout from last week or maybe two weeks, I can’t remember. The pictures of Sienna are some from her first ‘fashion shoot’ in a dress about a month ago.

Here’s your PSA for the month: Don’t forget to ‘Spring Forward’ tonight.

I’m not usually a fan of daylight savings, but am looking forward to having some light at the end of the day. As I was searching to make sure I had my dates right (seems so early) I came across this headline “Daylight-saving not good for cows”. My alter ego ‘random girl’ couldn’t resist, I had to click on the link. The deal with the cows is not really in the spring, but the fall when they have to hold their milk for an hour longer. Not exactly the humorous angle I was hoping for, having been around many breastfeeding mommies, I can imagine this might be painful for the poor cows.

The article goes on with a little but of history about DLS came to be, I always knew it was money, but thought it was related to the agricultural industry. Not so much…here’s a quick excerpt

The biannual spring/fall time adjustment has been in effect for most of the past 90 years, ever since World War I prompted Congress to find a dramatic way to save Americans money and stimulate the economy. Washington’s logic: With more daylight hours, households would spend less on bills for lighting and electricity; also, factories would be more efficient because workers would be refreshed with the extra daylight hours they had for unwinding.

After President Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which extended daylight-saving time by a month, the Department of Energy touted the benefits of energy savings, but Michael Downing, who detailed the history of daylight-saving time in a 2005 book, says the U.S. government has misled Americans on the economic benefits of the time switch. The biggest beneficiaries of the spring clock change aren’t consumers but retailers. People shop more when there’s more light at night.

“There’s a reason that the first and most persistent lobby for daylight-saving was the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of retailers and merchants,” says Downing, a lecturer at Tufts University outside Boston. “People really bought more goods after work when they were given light. And that effect persists. As recently as 1986, when we went from six months of daylight saving to seven, that extra month, according to industry estimates, was worth $200 million-$400 million to the golf industry alone, and $150 million to the barbecue industry.”

Here’s hoping it will bring a boost to Scrapbook Destination sales too! Have a great weekend!


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4 responses to “Saturday?

  1. Mary Kay

    Excellent history lesson, my random friend. And since we definitely noticed the effect of dark, let’s hope we see the opposite effect of light!(P.S.–I found your post via Google Alert, which I have set to tell me whenever a website publishes with “Scrapbook Destination” on it. So you’ve been crawled already!)

  2. rachel carlson

    how great is this post, thanks for the history lesson too – fabulous! i saw your donation to romp when we returned from frisco and i wanted to say THANK YOU very much – it means a lot!!! go scrapbook destination go! oops, that means that mk wil get another google alert! hee, hee!hugs, rach

  3. Heather

    I totally voted for your LO at A’s. That’s how much I love it. 🙂 I’m so excited for the return of the sun!!

  4. Vivian

    Whoa! Very interesting! I’m usually so busy grumbling about the lost sleep that I don’t delve too deeply into why I’m losing sleep. I, too, thought it had to do with agriculture. Guess that’s just a big rumor!

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