A few weekend pics

Hooray the weather was great so we packed up Sienna and headed south to spend the day celebrating Connor. There’s nothing quite like a first birthday party…lots of kiddos, lots of adults waiting to watch one kiddo make a mess of cake. This one was no different…Connor was a super star.

He was a good sport and posed with Sienna for a quick cousin shot. It’s amazing that she seems like she’s so big now, but looks so small next to him.

In other news…I got my hair chopped again and suprise I have some pictures this time around. Hard to believe how fast it grows, 5 inches came off, feels like 5 pounds. If only I could loose that much weight in other areas.


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6 responses to “A few weekend pics

  1. Houston

    Oooh, I am excited to see the new hairdo, it looks cute in the pictures. I am so glad that you all got to go celebrate, I personally love first birthday parties:)

  2. Mary Kay

    I think she looks like you. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but that first photo, especially, screams “Aunt Christyn.”

  3. Heather

    Ack! The cuteness!!! OMG!! Sooooo cute!!! Oh, and the kids are not bad either… 😉 heehee

  4. Vivian

    Lookin’ good! What cuties you have in your family!

  5. rachel carlson

    LOVED seeing the new do, still love your long hair though – pout! look at you with sienna – sigh….. and CUPCAKES too! hugs, rach

  6. Emily Pitts

    love the back of your new hair! and i thought when i saw the first pictures, “holy cow, sienna got big FAST!” 🙂

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