Ten on Tuesday

Once upon a time on the Pea message board there was a great post every Tuesday that had folks list 10 things about a random topic. I loved it and have decided to restart the tradition at least for myself and perhaps for fellow blog racers who are in need of a topic to post about.

When people find out I’m from Alaska, the next question is inevitably ‘Do You Miss It?’ So for the record, here are 10 things I miss in/about Alaska

1. My parents
2. My friends
3. My work, especially some of the special kids
4. Traveling around the state and seeing the wonder God has created
5. Being able to walk to the ocean from my house
6. Title Wave used bookstore
7. Summer weekends at the lake
8. Bear Tooth steak pizza
9. Cafe Del Mundo hot chocolate (a wonderful spicy cocoa from Mexico, if any CO girls know where to find something like it please let me know)
10. Reindeer(aka Caribou) sausage

What about you, what are things you miss about the last place you lived?


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6 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Houston

    Okay so we call Florida “our time of exile” but there are a few things I miss…1.My friends, but they have all moved since I left2.Publix, the best grocery store ever3.Sweet Tea everywhere you go4.BBQ, love good BBQ5.Watching Coley play at the beach6.SeaWorld7.Our relatives8.The slower pace of life9.Sister’s restaurant10.This really pretty drive we used to take.Wow, I actually thought of ten, I didn’t think I would!I don’t know where to get the hot cocoa, but it sounds great!

  2. ducky

    san fran:the weather – neither hot nor coldthe clothing – trendy and comfyfriends – lots of friends from the ’80s & ’90sthe food – esp. sourdough breadwalking – and not realizing you’re exercisinghaight street – shopping, food, hippiesthe music – lots of blues bandsmy job – top level manager at a newspaper, good pay and funcheap pedicurestrolleys – ding ding!

  3. rachel carlson

    OK, we will chat more about YOUR #9, do not let me forget!!!austin:1. our dearest friends2. the food – TRUE texmex3. the food – GREAT Vietnamese – pho!4. amy’s ice-cream 5. live music – SXSW6. bastrop state park where rich proposed 7. aligator grill where “office space” was filmed8. camping in winter 9. shaved ice in summer10. outdoor patios at restaurantsOY! can you see a pattern for me – FOOD! AND they now have a cupcake stand in an AIR STREAM built last year in march – pout!http://www.heycupcakeaustin.com/austin_cupcake_location.htmi like your 10 on tuesday, i’m going to remember that for next week!hugs, rach

  4. Mary Kay

    Boston:1. Restaurants, especially in JP (Jamaica Plain). Funny; while I was there I missed Chipotle.2. The T3. Taking the commuter train to work (though I don’t miss this in the summer or winter, only the fall & spring)4. A Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner (but no Dairy Queens to speak of!)5. Making 20% on our house in two years6. The way every house had someone named “Pat”7. The funny things they call things– the dry cleaners is the Cleansers (pronounced “Clensahs”)8. Fenway Park (the stadium, not the actual park, which is called “The Fenway”)9. Boylston Street10. The work I did for the Bruner Foundation.

  5. Tara Whalen

    Bear Tooth steak pizza?!? Things I miss about the East Coast in general since I am an Air Force brat…1. The ocean2. the beach3. the boardwalk4. my familyNot necessarily in that order, but pretty close. =)

  6. Heather

    1. my mom2. my dad and his wife (she’s not my step-mother, she is my friend)3. my sister4. my brother5. my grandmother6. my niece7. my nephew8. dogwood trees9. my old college buddies ack. i just can’t think of another. wah! i could list a hundred things i *don’t* miss… 😛

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