The Egg’s Point of View

I’ve read several posts about dying easter eggs and the fun and or chaos that ensues, can’t wait until Sienna is old enough…but have you ever thought about it from the egg’s point of view?
Clearly someone has, and it’s funny enough to break my one video a week rule.


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7 responses to “The Egg’s Point of View

  1. ducky

    dylan doesn’t think it’s funny, but I do. he watched it twice and finally said, “what is that of?!”my favorite part is the ferocious way the lady dips the egg in the coloring.

  2. rachel carlson

    run eggs, RUN!!!! (said to the tune of forrest gump).

  3. Tara Whalen

    I love the dying part as well. So funny.

  4. Mary Kay

    Okay, apparently I’m the only one slightly weirded out by talking eggs. Or talking dogs, or talking babies, or talking anything that shouldn’t be able to talk.What? It’s a quirk.

  5. Heather

    aw, steve. šŸ˜‰ bwahahahaha Missed you this weekend…. šŸ˜¦

  6. Houston

    Disturbed, that’s all I can say, I worry about you C:)

  7. Vivian

    ROFL! Love it!

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