oh why must vacation days just fly by? Hard to believe it’s already mid day on Friday and sadly I haven’t accomplished much.

I had a great day with Sienna on Wednesday, the morning was a comedy of errors…she was overtired and then hungry and just before I sat down to feed her, Tanner hopped the fence. Of course I fed her first before going on a hunt for him, and by the time she was done with her bottle he was making his way home, but then…she wailed, just like her auntie, this girl takes her food seriously and was not happy about the milk being all gone, and Tanner heard the cry and took off running the other direction. So I packed her up in the stroller and together we went on a search for Tanner. In the end they were both happy campers; she fell asleep in the stroller, he came home with some kind of bone and I was exhausted.

Took some good pics of Sienna in the afternoon and have promised myself I will spend some quality time in photoshop trying to make them even better. I don’t know why I loathe photoshop so much, I’m usually happy with results, but it takes so much time making things just right and then when I print it doesn’t look as nice (I know monitor calibration, yada, yada, yada) I’m also working on an ancient version of Elements (2.0) and a laptop which make it more challenging. Maybe someday I’ll upgrade my Mac and get the big girl version of PS, for now I’ll make do.

Came home in the afternoon and sat down to tackle my scrapping challenges, and realized I needed more photos so a quick run to Target for prints(not liking my home prints right now) was in order. Did I mention I was planning on it being quick…yeah right…Spring break, hello, not only was every family with school age children at Target at 2 on a Thursday, but also happens to be the time when the Senior home must make it’s weekly run. So much for a quick dash in for prints and silly me a few other staples. I was quick, but the lines, oh the lines were like a weekend aft. grr.

I did manage to make it home and struggled to finish the layouts — struggle is the key word. Surprisingly the Wonder Years layout turned out to be the easier of the two, once I cropped a strangely placed butterfly out of the paper it was relatively smooth sailing. Good call A!

Piggy Toile…ack…I started out trying to scraplift a LO using similar paper in Memory Makers article a couple of months ago and just kept layering and stitching until it was half way decent, not one of my favorites, but a good sample for the store. Can I just say that zigzag stitching on rounded corners, not very easy. Anyone have recommendations for that?

Today is cleaning day, not thinking I’m going to make it to the DMV — just realized I need an emissions test and what I thought was a DMV right around the corner is just a driver’s license place — why are they seperate? So instead, I’m focusing on cleaning out the car and starting on the rest of the house. Wish me luck!


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6 responses to “Why?

  1. Houston

    Well I do have spot of light at the end of the DMV tunnel… there is a secret one in downtown Old Littleton just off Prince. In other good news, the emissions place is right at County Line and Colorado, normally a short jaunt, unfortunately it’s a little longer until, oh 2009:( I think the piggy toile looks great, I am so glad you got that assignment:)Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. ducky

    I wrote the daisyd’s designer and told her that “wonder years” was a pretty arbitrary phrase. that I asked a room full of people what age can be called “the wonder years” and got as many different answers.she hasn’t written me back. I think I might have scared her.

  3. Emily Pitts

    well, at least you have some comical stories out of the day 🙂 i love those layouts, they are so different from each other, yet so very you!

  4. Heather

    ooooooh, I love them both!! phooey on the dmv. ugh. good luck sweets.

  5. rachel carlson

    YOU USED THE PIGGY TOILE – RIGHT ON C! AND YOU DID IT THE MOST AMAZING JUSTICE!!! much better than i would have done – heh, heh! dmv = grrrrr! glad you had some good time off? hugs, rach

  6. Mary Kay

    Way to rock the Piggy Toile! Woo hoo!And I think what Houston means to say is that she is glad SHE did NOT get that assignment.

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