Navigationally Challenged?

I don’t usually put myself in that category, I can usually figure out how to get from point A to point B fairly easily. Thanks to a good sense of direction and life long quest to make sense of patterns. The other night a major intersection was blocked by a bad accident and as the other route home is under construction and road closed, I decided to cut through the neighborhood. After many loops and twists I was able to get where I was going, but it took longer than if I would of waited my turn at the intersection. Patient, I am not.

Since then I’ve thinking why are there no conventions for ‘street’ types. Except for circle or loop, who knows what ave, st, dr, blvd, place really mean. I know Washington DC was designed to be purposely confusing to enemies. But do the suburbs of Denver and really any other area of the country need to be? I’ve been ‘discussing’ this with Tanner and we’ve decided that if I were Queen (even for just one day) I would declare…

1. ‘Boulevards’ run at least 10 miles north to south and connect to major highways.
2. ‘Roads’ run at least 10 miles east to west and connect to major highways.
3. ‘Avenues’ run at least 5 miles north to south and always connect to ‘Roads’
4. ‘Streets’ run at least 5 miles east to west and always connect to ‘Boulevards’
5. ‘Drives’ run at least 1 mile north to south and connect to ‘Streets’
6. ‘Lanes’ run at least 1 mile east to west and connect to ‘Avenues’
7. ‘Places’ are culdesacks
8. ‘Loops’ and ‘Circles’ stay the same

Just my two cents for city planners…who would probably tell me there already is a convention, but each county is different…blah, blah, blah.

Oops I almost forgot…no name changing midway between points.

Happy Saturday!


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7 responses to “Navigationally Challenged?

  1. Tara Whalen

    I totally agree! I feel like my neighborhood is the worst at changing street names every block and then they use those names again three blocks away! Really!

  2. alison

    I completely agree also! I hate how all these new subdivisions are only connected in 2 spots to the main roads–so once you get in you’re lost. And you can have the same street name in 3 different subdivisions but they don’t connect. I’ve seen a confused pizza driver more than I care to think about.

  3. Becky

    BWaaaaaaaaaaaaHAHAHAHA!I love your idea, and yes it should be a convention, but it still gave me the gigles with how precisely you have it put together!Go Christyn!B-

  4. Houston

    Grr, that is excatly how it is. Especially in HR, what the hedoublehockeysticks did they run out of names? Tanner really should go back to school and make your dreams a reality:)

  5. Heather

    OMG! ROFLPIMP! heeheehee

  6. rachel carlson

    do NOT even get me started on street names – GRRRRRRRRRR! and i dare not EVER drive ‘into’ subdivisions, crazy mazes of going nowhere AND you get lost, that’s me!

  7. Mary Kay

    You have too much time on your hands, my friend.However, I will totally sign your petition. It sounds like a great plan to me.Especially since there are THREE “Xeric Courts,” and the one I live on does not even show up on MapQuest. I haven’t eaten hot delivery food in years. 😛

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