Weekend Wind Down

Hard to believe it’s back to work tom. am. I took a sneak peek at my inbox and I only have 59 emails waiting to be dealt with, not to bad for 3 days. As tempting as it was to start on them, I forced myself to turn off the computer and take a bath instead.

Poor Tanner is tuckered out from our jaunt to the dog park with Kinley and Lindy today. As soon as the sun popped out, we headed for the lake…just in case it decided to revert to the snow we woke up to. There were several of Tanner’s favorite — Great Danes — at the park today. He was in heaven, I don’t know where the obsession with them comes from, but I swear he would follow them home if I let him. Today was a bonus, he met one that was up for a quick game of chase, around and around they went and suddenly Tanner does a total face plant and slide. If he were a human child he would have a ‘road’ burn down his face and neck…lucky for him he has lots of fur.

I managed to squeeze out on more layout for my time off. This one is for the challenge at Journaler’s Junction. The challenge this week: do your journaling upside down. At first I thought no way would I be able to make it work, but something triggered in my brain this afternoon and thought it would be perfect for a page about my bungee jumping experience many moons ago…no real pics, so I downloaded one from the internet. I wish I was as graceful as the person in the pic.

Journaling: It started as a joke at the beginning of my jr year @ CU. Before long the joke turned to reality and booked jumps for several of us and we headed for and open field 30 min. NE of Boulder (it’s probably a subdivision now). I think four of us took the plunge with just the bungee cord between us and the ground 200 ft below. 15 years later I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a life defining moment, when just for a minute you can feel the full RUSH of LIFE.


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7 responses to “Weekend Wind Down

  1. Heather

    ok, first…I wish I could take a relaxing bath…*sigh* so jealous! Second…bungee jumping?!?!?! Really?!?!?! You are my hero! šŸ™‚

  2. rachel carlson

    GULP!!!! c, you absolutely rock! i would not have known this about you and glad i do now. i’m ‘trying’ to find someone to do the jump with me in september for my 40th. i jumped out of a plane on my 30th and i had the same adrenaline rush feeling. not sure how i would do at bungee?! cheers to you! hugs, rach

  3. Tara Whalen

    Awesome page! So incredible that you had this experience. Hopefully you have a good week back at work. =)

  4. Emily Pitts

    well, i did not know this about you. but somehow, it doesn’t surprise me at all.i love how this looks, but i’ll give you more praise when you post it on 2ps.

  5. Mary Kay

    Ha! Em is coercing you!Love the LO, love that you did it despite not having a photo, and LOVE that you would bungee jump again.Me, not so much.:P

  6. Vivian

    Whoa! You are way braver than I am! Love this choice for the challenge – it turned out very cool!

  7. ducky

    I’m impressed. really impressed. and wow that’s an amazing photo.

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