10 on Tuesday

As I was packing my lunch today, I got excited because I had splurged on some yummy cheese. I thought ‘Supermarket Splurges’ would be a fun list for today, plus a helpful reminder that if I see more than one or two of these items in my cart, I’m in for an expensive trip. I’m pretty lucky to be close to 3 really good stores (Whole Paycheck, Wild Oats, and foo-foo Safeway) so it’s easy to get a little carried away at times.

1. Imported(don’t ask me where from) Havarti cheese with Caraway Seeds (lunch today with a bagel and #3)
2. Peanut butter filled pretzels (a special brand I can only find at Wild Oats or WP)
3. Mesquite smoked turkey from the deli counter
4. Jumbo Shrimp
5. ‘Fresh’ Pasta
6. Garlic cashews
7. PB and Chocolate Hagen Daaz
8. Fresh strawberries in winter
9. French Baguette
10. Hunter’something cheese’ don’t know why the name escapes me but it’s a layered cheese with a creamy sharp cheddar on top and bottom and a mellow blue in the middle.

What about you…would are your ‘supermarket splurges’?


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6 responses to “10 on Tuesday

  1. Heather

    I *knew* there was something I was going to blog about today…I was going to do my own ten on tuesday. I totally forgot! And now I’m too tired to even think of ten things… 😛 I know my number one, though…crab legs…mmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Vivian

    I am now hungry. My big splurge is Haagen Dazs German Chocolate Cake ice cream. It’s one of those “limited release” ones they sell off and on. It’s been “off” a little too long, if you ask me!

  3. Houston

    Yummmm. My big splurges are HD lite Cherry Chocolate Chunk, Smoked Gouda (I use it with crackers and in potato pancakes), ClifZ bars for Coleman, and lamb chops (Aaron’s favorite on the grill)! Back in Florida my favorite splurge was on Samsoa cheese, sort of like havarti but creamer, I can’t find it here. Oh and we love Tony’s Kraut Burgers. And I fogot that one of my favorite non food splurges is a Cook’s Illustrated magazine! Ahhhh, now I have to go to the store!PS They have those really yummy peanut butter pretzels cheaper at Sunflower:)

  4. ducky

    ” Imported(don’t ask me where from) Havarti cheese “I think Havarti cheese is from HavartLand. That’s also where they build the Havahart products–animal repellents, live animal traps, and pet supplies.my splurges at WF: premade chicken salad, mango salsa, olives, lunch from the hot deli–the one in boulder has the most amazing 1/2 lb hamburgers for $6.

  5. Mary Kay

    1. Magazines.That’s pretty much it!

  6. Emily Pitts

    obviously i’m not that well schooled. my splurges include baby carrots and kalamata olives.

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