Video Thursday…an oldie but a goodie

I was searching through old posts to see if I had shared this one before and was shocked that I hadn’t. It really needs sound for full effect…

The Evolution of Dance

Hooray Grey’s is back tonight…I can barely wait.


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9 responses to “Video Thursday…an oldie but a goodie

  1. Rachel Carlson

    oh yeah, this is one of my favs – tee, hee! hugs, rach

  2. Heather

    This video makes me giggle every time. šŸ™‚ and I cheered for Grey’s in my blog post today too! Such a happy girl tonight. šŸ˜€

  3. Houston

    Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!

  4. Vivian I can’t thank you enough for having shared this. Brilliance. The whole thing was hysterical, but that Oompa Loompa bit was the icing on the cake. How sad is it that about halfway through I started predicting what would come next and all my predictions came true (save for one – there was no “Vogue”).

  5. Tara Whalen

    I love this! Makes me laugh every time!Love Grey’s!!! Patrick Dempsey is definitly on my list of great guys to look at!

  6. Houston

    I’m with Viv, it was missing Vogue and the catwalk song “I’m too sexy…”

  7. ducky

    yep i’ve seen that one, and also it looks like my brother in law. are you going to post the dumbest dog in the world video or should I?

  8. Kelly Todd

    Man! I wish I could have watched Grey’s but I was working :(How are you?? Ready for some summer markets again?

  9. Emily Pitts

    THATwashilarious.i couldn’t stop smiling.thanks!

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