Weekend Wind Down

ok so it wasn’t really much of a weekend…grr! In between working two full days I squeezed in some quality time with friends.

Houston and I got an early start on Sat. for a quick garage sale jaunt before my shift at the store. I thought for a bit it was going to be a bust of a trip after my usual route had no sale signs. Not to be stopped, we hit new neighborhoods and I was able to score some cute clothes for you know who…I swear this little girl is so much fun to shop for. With me buying at garage sale prices, mom working across the street from the Gymboree ‘outlet’ and grandparents that love to shop she may never wear the same outfit more than once or twice.

After working in both places on Saturday, I was able to relax and pretend to scrap with Arleigh, Heather, MK and Houston on Saturday night. Not a very productive night creatively, but good to hang out and laugh.

Today Tanner and I were back at the office, printing report cards for all 3000+ kiddos, I will never again take report cards for granted. Our system just sucks and the teachers try their best, but there are a couple that are so technologically challenged that they mess something up and I spend hours trying to fix it. You’d think that an ‘on-line’ school would have tach savvy teachers…not so much. In fact until I pushed my way into being part of the teacher interview process, no technology based questions were ever asked of teacher applicants. Beyond teacher struggles, it hurts my heart to see so many students are still struggling even with our hybrid model. As we plan for the new year, I’ve really been struggling with how our model needs to grow and change so we can truly have the impact these students deserve. Efficacy, will no doubt be a recurring theme in all that we do, now that systems how finally been developed and we have the backing of a strong and powerful district.

After spending the day keeping me company at the office, I rewarded Tanner by going to the dog park. He gave me a taste of my own medicine and ran away each time I tried to put his leash on and a quick trip turned in to an hour and a half.

And now it’s over…boo hoo


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2 responses to “Weekend Wind Down

  1. Heather

    Yeah….Monday’s suck. I’m so glad I got to hang with you girls. You all are so good for me. šŸ™‚

  2. Mary Kay

    You need a vacation.Oh, and hey– I’m still waiting for that post teaching me how to track my stats.FYI.

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