Data Junkie

Sometimes I feel like I am an artist stuck in statistician’s brain. I think I have always loved numbers and manipulating them into graphs and charts. You would think I would get enough of those kind of things in my job…and while I get do get plenty of opportunities and can tell you the average grade level of our students, the percentage of ethnicity group, etc. when I came across Google analytics for blogs I knew I had to have it.

I know those of you that pay for your bloggies get this kind of stuff automatically, but the free ladies need to get resourceful. Note: you can use it on any website, not just your blogger account to track all sorts of things related to your website.

Check out the cool graphs that greet me each morning…

I haven’t spent enough time to learn what it all means because I get distracted by the map. You can zoom in on a country and find out where folks are coming from and how often they come, check it out…

I’m obsessed with filling up the map, I think that if I put data wh*re(which is what I am sometimes called) in the title of this post I would probably fill up the map pretty quickly but that would be cheating. (I think…) I also find it fascinating that someone from Hickory, NC has visited more than my mom. What’s worse is I’m afraid that with my memory issues that I should know who this is and don’t (and I feel bad about that) so Hickory, NC please leave a comment or email me so I can feel better.

So are you jealous yet? You can do it on your blog too…it’s super easy. Go to Google Analytics register for an account. Then all you need to do it copy the code into your blogger template. You can find your template by clicking on the layout tab and then ‘Edit HTML’

Go all the way down to the bottom of the code, then scroll until you find the ‘body’ tag. Put your cursor above the first tag and paste your ‘script’ code. It’s that easy…the analytics site will confirm that data is being received…and the next morning you too will have charts and graphs to drool over.


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