10 on Tuesday…Life’s Soundtrack

Did you ever think when you were a kid that you would have access to every album from every artist, maybe if you won the lottery…thank god for the internet, now our dreams come true through a variety of sites. One of my favorite sites is Pandora(check out the link on the nav bar) if you haven’t visited before you are totally missing out. You can put in your favorite artist and not only will it search for tracks by that artist, but will also return other artists that you may like based on some common musical elements. Talk about art merging with science…while you can’t always specify the exact song you wish to hear at the moment, you’re guaranteed to find a new artist or two or five. You can also bookmark songs as you hear them and download from ITunes or Amazon to add to your permanent collection.

Here are the last 10 songs I’ve bookmarked…
1. Listen…Beyonce
2. Weatherman…Kris Delmhorst
3. Keep it Loose…Amos Lee
4. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going…Jennifer Hudson
5. Ex-Factor…Lauryn Hill
6. Jealousy…Liz Phair
7. You and Me…Lifehouse
8. It Might Be You(yep the Tootsie Song)…Stephen Bishop(no clue who he is)
9. Hymn to Her(Live)…The Pretenders(I still want to be Chrissy Hynde when I grow up)
10. Boys Don’t Cry…The Cure

What about you…what are you listening to right now?


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2 responses to “10 on Tuesday…Life’s Soundtrack

  1. Heather

    I’ll give you two guesses…and you won’t even need the second one. 😛 😉

  2. Lisa Dickinson

    ah, i’ve got Chipolte radio tuned in…something mle turned me onto! an ecclectic, funky mix of tunes!

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