10 on Tuesday…Inspiration Addition

This morning I got out of the shower singing ‘I love a Rainy Night’, but not so much a rainy morning and thought I should blog about it. Then I remembered that Ducky requested that we all blog about how we’re inspired by each other and that that was my plan for this week’s 10 on Tuesday. All the sudden my mind was singing ‘inspiration’ to the tune of the Chili Peppers Californication. Which reminded me of the Shell Silverstein poem ‘ation’. Which reminded me of high school debate(yep nerd and proud of it). Which reminded me that I have that experience to thank for much of my success later in life. Mind you all of these thoughts rolled through in the 2 minutes brushing my teeth.(yes I have a timer on my toothbrush) All worthy blog topics, but not today.

Today is about inspiration…I know I’ve said it before, but it’s just one of those things you can’t say enough. The ladies listed to the right have all been such an inspiration and joy to get to know and without a doubt the best thing that’s happened since I moved here.

1. From Heather…Journal, baby, journal. And not just the easy, happy stuff. When I think about my books and what I hope to pass on I hope that my pages will me as meaningful as this one of Heather’s. It will forever stand out as one of the best.

2. Vivian…using my beloved circles in a new ways and reminding me that I love the look of a cardstock frame. I agree with Arleigh that her love for Thickers is contagious.

3. Rachel…lower right hand corner. 🙂

4. MK…challenges, oh the challenges, I can work with ‘scary papers’

5. Speaking of scary papers…Ducky is just about the best in the biz at working with patterns that have me running for the woods. When MK issues one of her challenges, Ducky’s gallery is the first place I for inspiration.

6. Emily…take pictures of and journal about me, bonus points if I can work in buttons, hand stitching or ric rak.

7. Houston…Houston’s love for birds is also contagious, but I love that she’s always willing to try and incorporate new techniques on her pages.

8. Tara…I am inspired by Tara’s story telling ability. Her blogs are always entertaining.

9. Kelly…who doesn’t have a blog, but should to show off her wonderful cards. You can see some her great technique ideas on the Scrapbook Destination blog on Friday.

10. Becky…inspired me to do my first(and only at this point) digi page and to use digi elements on gridded paper.


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8 responses to “10 on Tuesday…Inspiration Addition

  1. Heather

    *blush* (I’ve been a bad girl and haven’t done my inspirations yet…)

  2. Houston

    Tweet! Tweet!

  3. Mary Kay

    No inspirations here, yet, either… but I am definitely enjoying reading everyone else’s.

  4. Mary Kay

    And by “scary,” do you by chance mean “pig toile?”

  5. Vivian

    Okay, curious about “pig toile” – someone will have to fill me in! I haven’t done inspirations yet either. Eventually I will!

  6. Rachel Carlson

    YES, pig toile – SO glad you did that one – whew! RIGHT, go right! hugs, rach

  7. Emily Pitts

    i’m glad you moved here too 🙂

  8. duck

    I’m sorry I didn’t visit earlier. thank you so much for writing this – I love seeing the different influences. lol @ “scary”

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