Wow, it’s Tuesday

I almost went to bed without posting this week’s edition of the 10 on Tuesday list. I think it’s because today has really felt like a Monday, so much for the long weekend.

I was inspired by a layout Arleigh did awhile ago about the jobs she has had, and decided to list mine before I forget or block one out.

1. Nanny
2. Cook
3. Accounts Receivable clerk
4. Admin Assitant/Secretary
5. Pre-K teacher
6. Childcare Director
7. Trainer (aka Goddess of Mirth and Knowledge)
8. Sr. Director
9. Tech support
10. Academics Manager (aka crazy woman who knows stuff)


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4 responses to “Wow, it’s Tuesday

  1. Houston

    I like that last one!Let’s see…1. SCUBA store clerk.2. Merchandiser for a foo foo Dog & Cat store3. Customer Service Associate for AAA (it paid off my credit card)4. Car Saleswoman5. Bagel maker6. Preschool Aide 7. Assistant to a Rabbi then Office Manager8. Mom … aka The One Who Does It All9. Gymboree Associate (great discount on clothes for my kiddo)10. LSS Operations Manager (aka the one who makes the schedule, but don’t ask me to remember it!)

  2. Mary Kay

    Those are great– I think the funnest part is coming up with alternative titles.One of my jobs was Executive Assistant to a Principal in an architecture firm… aka Buffer Between the Architects and the Crazy Boss Guy.

  3. Tara Whalen

    Wow, we have a lot in common!Get this…1. Nanny x three families2. pre-school teacher3. admin assistant/ party planner4. Accounts receivable5. Accounts payable6. General accounting/ office manager7. Jewelry store clerk8. Optician9. Alley Coordinator at Red Lobster (a high school job)10. Road construction flag girl =) seriously.

  4. Heather

    I’m lol’ing at some of the random things on everyone’s lists! I’m trying to block mine out….. đŸ˜‰

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