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Just like in childhood I can’t run fast enough to get away or fast enough to tag someone else so I am the proverbial ‘It’. At least blog tagging isn’t as painful as real tag. So here goes…

10 Years Ago…Can’t really remember all that much, I was scrapbooking so I should have record of what I was doing, maybe I’ll try and dig out those albums and post a page or two. That should be good for a laugh. I’m pretty sure that was the year my friends and I dressed up as characters from Grease, rented a party bus and went bar hoping for my birthday.

5 things on today’s to-do list…1.Buy external hard drive 2.Back-up photos and other important docs 3.Make hair appt for next wk 4. Laundry 5.Make a page/sketch for tomorrow’s SD blog post.

Snacks I enjoy:Popcorn(especially kettle corn), black licorice, apples, cheddar cheese and wheat thins. This list could really go on and on.

Places I’ve lived: Pueblo, CO(5 different houses/neighborhoods), Anchorage,AK, Boulder, Co(again several different locations) Evergreen, CO, Atlanta, Ga, Chattanooga, TN

So now I’m supposed to tag 5 people, but I hear the recess bell ringing so I’ll just have to tag another time.


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Video Thursday…Girl Power

What’s not to love about this gem…


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10 on Tuesday…the late edition

Oops, I let another Tuesday slip by with no list. I’m such a slacker, never fear I have a special Wednesday edition.

It’s that time of year where we interview for new teachers. After 10 years of being an interviewer, I have some definite opinions of Do’s and Don’ts for interviewees and after yesterday feel a strong urge to share them publicly.

1. Do read the posting carefully.
2. Do research on the company before your interview, if possible go beyond the website and try to glean as much information as possible. Work your research into your answers.
3. Don’t be wishy washy in your answers. It’s totally ok to ask for clarification on what an interviewer is asking so that you can be specific.
4. Do listen to the question and if I ask you to give me an example of a situation and reolution be very specific. Don’t pretend to be perfect and say you’ve never had this situation because that tells me you don’t have enough experience. Try to find an example that’s most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Ex: Tell me about a time you had to deal with a confrontational student/parent/employee/customer and strategies you used to resolve the situation. I would answer that question with one of the following — autistic boy who used to scream at the top of his lungs all day and the steps I took to build a relationship with him, a mother who cussed me out for suspending her son and 1 month later called and asked for help, or my all time fav supervisor/employee termination story where the employee called his mom during the termination.
5. Do dress in business attire for the interview, even if your research says it’s a casual workplace. My personal preference is that you also remove piercings in places except for your ears and cover as much as your body art as possible. You want me to focus on your answers and behavior, not staring at the giant ball in your chin. If your piercings are an important part of you and your look do ask in the interview if the company dresscode allows you to wear them.
6. Do prepare some questions and make sure to ask them. Often times the questions you ask me are weighted as strongly as the answers you give me. I am looking for someone who cares about my mission and is not timid.
7. Do be up front about your compensation needs either before the interview or during. Nothing ticks me off more than calling a candidate and then being told ‘I can’t work for that much money’ when they knew how much the position paid before they even applied.
8. Do be ready for the standard questions. Have great answers for the following
* Why do you want to work here?
* Why are you the best candidate?
* What are your strengths? if you struggle with this question I highly recommend Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham.
* What are your weaknesses?…and don’t say I’m a work-a-holic. It may be true, but I might just think that your not efficent with your time and have to work late often because you spent to much time chit chating or surfing the web during the day.
9. Do mimic/mirror my body language. There have been several studies on successful interviews and they have found that when the candidate mirrors the interviewer they are more likely to be offered the position. Why? Non-verbal language tells me that we’re a match and can get along together.
10. Don’t talk negatively about a previous employer or place blame for your leaving on another person or member of the team you worked on. As an experienced supervisor, I usually jump to the conclusion that you’re a difficult person to work with and I don’t want that kind of negativity entering my work environment.


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I was very sad to learn that George Carlin had died yesterday. I’m not sure the world will be the same without his satirical slant.

I thought about posting the 7 words routine that made him famous, but it just didn’t seem quite right. Instead, a more recent observation on language…


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"Congratulations, You’ve Been Selected"…

Most of you that know me, know I’m not really into the submitting and contest side of the scrapbook industry. I love to do my work and displaying at the store is usually good enough for me. But I was really feeling like I need a jump start or challenge beyond the usual to get me working and thinking creatively. So…without even looking at the list of challenges, I committed to myself to do an entry a week for the BHG Ultimate Summer challenge.

So I wait until the official start and go online to check out the first challenge. “Use stickers in a new way…”(or something along those lines). Ugh! Stickers? I have an aversion to stickers, and have for a loooong time. Even when stickers were really the only embellishment, I didn’t use them. But I committed to myself I would do this. So I found the least offensive stickers I could, really kind of cute if you like stickers and tried to think of something that I could do. Here’s the LO I came up (as seen on SD blog on Sunday)
Not too bad, after living with it for a week I think I’m going to add solid color cardstock instead of the grid. So up it goes to BHG and I really don’t think about it again, until Wednesday at about 3 pm. My little gmail notifier at work comes on and says an email with the title “Congratulations, you’ve been selected” has hit my inbox. My heart jumps, it’s an hour before the winners are to be posted…I’m so excited, imagine me being a semi-finalist on a sticker challenge. Turns out it was just bad timing…I’ve really been ‘selected’ to receive a half year of free issues(that is of course if I subscribe for the next 100 years). Not funny BHG!

There is a silver lining in all of this, I went online to check out the winners and was immediately captivated by this gem of a layout in my mind totally something worth losing too…turns out it belongs to my amazingly talented friend extraordinaire Becky (check out the link to the left for more of her goodies). She needs our help! Help me avenge BHG’s cruel joke by voting for Becky’s layout.


and vote often. PLEASE…


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Video Thursday…Throwback time

I know most of you can quote numerous lines from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but I bet you never thought about those classic scenes like the makers of this little gem.

And while I admit it is slightly disturbing, I thought this is a wonderful example of how critical editing and music are to a film. Not to worry I’m sure the original is playing on basic cable somewhere and you can wash this one right out of your brain.

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10 on Tuesday

So last week was one of those whirlwind weeks that just flew by. We had out graduation and I promise a post on that as soon I get pictures. But today is Tuesday and you know what that means…a list of course.

I remember when I was a kid that summer TV always sucked, now I’m older and have TIVO and cable I have plenty to watch. Here are 10 shows I have waiting for me…

1. Hell’s Kitchen
2. The Daily Show
3. Gossip Girl
4. My Fair Lady
5. Tootsie
6. Good Eats
7. Decorating Cents
8. 60 Seconds to Chic
9. Signing in the Rain
10. All of the spring episodes of Greys (you know, in case I go into withdrawal and need a summer fix)

What’s in your que?


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