Double Dip…

I can’t sleep…which I can usually cure by random blog surfing and/or organizing my own blog. Tagging, moving elements, etc. In this process, I realized I haven’t shared a layout here in quite sometime. Perhaps that’s why Hickory, NC has stopped visiting so regularly or maybe it’s because I called them out on my data junkie post. Anyway…back to scrapbooking, it seems I’ve been working on a lot of projects lately, and not too many pages. Lately, about 1 a week seems to be the average. And so that one little layout usually ends up on my post at the store’s blog on Sundays. I know most of you go there to, but maybe not Hickory and probably not my mother so for them a repost, if you will, of some recent layouts.

“Sweet Dreams” How cute is Sienna in this one?

‘A Saturday Adventure’ Houston and Rach were great sports when I dragged them downtown on an early Saturday morning. Having breakfast at Snooze was totally worth it. Really, when are yummy mimosas not worth it?

I think my favorite part of this layout is the flower I made using the Scenic Route surf boards from the Grafton line. Wish I could say this was an original idea, but Houston and MK heard about it at the show and I’ve been waiting for a layout to try it on.

Hopefully, I’ll have more to post throughout the week.

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  1. Rachel Carlson

    of course every layout of sienna is precious. i LOVE the one of us – we forgot to add YOU in the layout – after all, we did get a photo of you too. the surfboard flower is genius! had a good time and thank you! hugs, rachel

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