Vacation Mission 1…Accomplished!

The Travel Album is finally ready to go to the store. This class/album has been a true labor of love. The paper arrived about a month ago, but I had to wait to finish working on another class before I could start. I knew I wanted to use the mask with alcohol inks for the cover and a few techniques from a CKU class by Debbie Schuh. I had most of it done about a week ago and then was cursed not once, but twice by the Bind-It All gods. Depressed and distraught (can you really be both or are they synonyms?) I couldn’t face the book for a week. Last night I felt I could conquer my fears and finally get it ready to take in. After lots of practice on the bind-it all I was once again confident enough to try on the book and voila, finally! a good bind. I had to rework some pages, but I pretty happy with the overall result. Here are a few sneak peaks…

Here’s the cover, I think it’s my favorite part.

and a few of the inside pages. The goal is to make an album that can travel with you and you can add to as you go. Lots of pockets and envelopes to store treasures along the way. Added bonus…lots of ink techniques, I’m going to channel my inner Tim Holtz.

Just in case you’re interested…the class will be on June 18th.


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2 responses to “Vacation Mission 1…Accomplished!

  1. DineometerDeb

    Looks good. What is CKU?

  2. Mary Kay

    I’m interested!

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