10 on Tuesday…10 things Denverites should know

On one of my late night blog surfing runs I came across a blog where a man was on a mission to take 100 pictures that would reflect the quintessential people and places of his town. (Santa Barbara, Ca I think.) I’ve been thinking about it for a few months and combined with overheard conversations about Denver celebrities and at least one person not knowing said celebrity, I think it’s time to start compiling a list of things/people/places one should know if living in the Denver Metro(yes even us suburbians) area. Clearly my list is biased to my experience, but anxious to see what others add. As with all Tuesday lists number does not necessarily denote ranking…

1. John Elway…until the Broncos win another superbowl and it could be a looooooong wait John will be at the top of the list for sports celebrities. He makes my list because he was really the only thing consistent in my childhood/early adult life. It didn’t matter whose house I was, Sundays meant the Broncos and John

2. Red Rocks…no better place in the country to see a live concert.

3. At least one current player or coach on every sports franchise. Take your pic,just know someone. My recommendations: Jay Cutler-Broncos, Allen Iverson-Nuggets, Joe SakicAvs, Clint Hurdle-Rockies Manager

4. City Park/Zoo/History Museum and the neighborhoods surrounding.

5. Botanic Gardens…I suppose you could loop this in with #4 but I was just there today and it was so beautiful it gets it’s own number

6. City/County Building Hall

7. Art Museum

8. Your closest light rail station

9. Brown Palace Hotel

10. Performing Arts Complex

Now it’s your turn…who, what, where would you add…


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4 responses to “10 on Tuesday…10 things Denverites should know

  1. Mary Kay

    Wash Park & Capitol Hill and all their quirky delights…

  2. Houston

    I would add the Downtown REI building (it has a great and well documented history that they display proudly in the store) and the Mast Bridge right down the way. They both fascinate me, the new with the old, modern and traditional. While you are there stop in at My Brother’s Bar and enjoy a fun and quirky lunch.

  3. Vivian

    Great idea! Good additions, MK and Houston. I’d add my daughter’s favorite to #10, the “dancing peoples” on Speer. I’d also add the hidden gem neighborhoods many people don’t know about that have cute shops and restaurants (Highlands at 32nd and Lowell), Old South Pearl (at, obviously, Pearl and Florida), and Old South Gaylord (Gaylord at Mississippi). I also think 12th street in Congress Park is up and coming – one to watch.

  4. Heather

    Love the list and additions! I can’t think of anything else right now… hmmmm…..

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