"Congratulations, You’ve Been Selected"…

Most of you that know me, know I’m not really into the submitting and contest side of the scrapbook industry. I love to do my work and displaying at the store is usually good enough for me. But I was really feeling like I need a jump start or challenge beyond the usual to get me working and thinking creatively. So…without even looking at the list of challenges, I committed to myself to do an entry a week for the BHG Ultimate Summer challenge.

So I wait until the official start and go online to check out the first challenge. “Use stickers in a new way…”(or something along those lines). Ugh! Stickers? I have an aversion to stickers, and have for a loooong time. Even when stickers were really the only embellishment, I didn’t use them. But I committed to myself I would do this. So I found the least offensive stickers I could, really kind of cute if you like stickers and tried to think of something that I could do. Here’s the LO I came up (as seen on SD blog on Sunday)
Not too bad, after living with it for a week I think I’m going to add solid color cardstock instead of the grid. So up it goes to BHG and I really don’t think about it again, until Wednesday at about 3 pm. My little gmail notifier at work comes on and says an email with the title “Congratulations, you’ve been selected” has hit my inbox. My heart jumps, it’s an hour before the winners are to be posted…I’m so excited, imagine me being a semi-finalist on a sticker challenge. Turns out it was just bad timing…I’ve really been ‘selected’ to receive a half year of free issues(that is of course if I subscribe for the next 100 years). Not funny BHG!

There is a silver lining in all of this, I went online to check out the winners and was immediately captivated by this gem of a layout in my mind totally something worth losing too…turns out it belongs to my amazingly talented friend extraordinaire Becky (check out the link to the left for more of her goodies). She needs our help! Help me avenge BHG’s cruel joke by voting for Becky’s layout.


and vote often. PLEASE…


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5 responses to “"Congratulations, You’ve Been Selected"…

  1. Becky

    Your layout is darling, and BHG has played that little cruel hoax on me as well, LOL!I have received too many of those little offers at the craziest times as well!So grateful for the LOVE girlie, thanks so much!B-

  2. Heather

    😛 to BHG. I love both LOs!

  3. Vivian

    I so hate those emails! You layout, and Becky’s, are wonderful! (By the way, check out my blog – I just tagged you!)

  4. Tara Whalen

    I loved your lo on the store blog and I love it here. Sorry about the cruel email they sent…

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