Not to Proud to Beg

Guess what? BHG doesn’t send an email to let you know that you’ve made it the semi-final round. Crazy…the good news is that I made it this week! Thank goodness I checked…now the hard part I need votes, lots and lots of votes. I’ve already begged my core group of friends, co-workers and family. But I know there are a few blog lurkers around or maybe you just stubled upon my little space here on the World Wide Web in either case would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote for my little layout. You can VOTE HERE once a day until next Wednesday. Thanks for your support…

Think I forgot about Video Thursday, not a chance…

In the spirit of competition, I bring you this gem from the world of Japanese games shows, gotta love them


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2 responses to “Not to Proud to Beg

  1. Mary Kay

    Wow. My mind is reeling from the game show!I posted votes yesterday and today, and pledge to keep voting early and often!

  2. Heather

    I’m voting!!!! 🙂 and I know my karma is straight in the toilet for laughing so hard at that video. 😉

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