O’harrowing Experience

United Airline + Chicago O’Hare + Me = Bad Combination

When our outbound flight took off on time, I thought I had broken the curse. Really what could go wrong now? Yes the plane seemed a little loud, but it was a small commuter plane so I didn’t really think too much about the noise…it’s been awhile. In hindsight, I realize it was really loud, even more so than a bush Cessna. After we were flying for a bit the noise stopped, I remember thinking at that point we must have reached the magic altitude and all was quiet and aligned for a good flight home. That’s just about when the captain came on the PA, to be honest I was not really paying attention, I thought he was saying something about flight time, weather, the glorious plains we were flying over, yada, yada, yadathen I heard ‘shut down the right engine‘ he assured us that he prepared for this in simulation lots of times, ok great no worries we’ll just keep going then the really dreaded words — we are turning around and going back to Chicago…WHAT! Why? we were due for a stop in Lincoln and we had to be a good way there already why must we go back to Chicago…not that I really wanted to be stuck in Lincoln, but visions of O’Hare sleepover were dancing in my head. This is United after all and I wasn’t expecting much in the way of customer service once we landed. Flight Attendant A did not help increase positive outlook, upon landing she said something like ‘We’ve landed safely and that’s the good thing, the crew really has no idea what will happen with you all now, but someone should meet the plan and give you further instructions…pause…good luck. ‘ Not much in the way of reassurance, I’m guessing she didn’t vote for the negotiated contract.

I’m happy to report that United proved me wrong and by the time we landed, was actually prepared with a plan that didn’t involve hotels and stand-by flights . In a mere 30 minutes we were reboarding a new plane and underway. I got home about midnight and am whipped today.

Despite the ending, it was a great trip…I’ll be sorting through my 200 or so photos and post more about it tom.


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3 responses to “O’harrowing Experience

  1. Houston

    Yes, good luck indeed:) I love that you were not paying attention meanwhile I am only one seat behind you having a heart attack! I long to be more like you my sweet non-dramatic friend!

  2. duck E.

    E E E E E E E K!!

  3. Heather

    i would have had a mess to clean up when we landed… 😛

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